Chat au trésor

An adventure created by a little boy and his Mum.

  • A family game

    Chat au trésor is a puzzle-game created for preschool kids by Alexandre and his Mum Charlotte. While Charlotte developed and wrote the code, Alexandre choose the graphics and explained the type of puzzle he wanted and also tested the game when he was able.

    • A game for little kids
    • Of suitable difficulty
    • Free
  • A graphical environment

    This intelligent use of computer tools offers a unique opportunity to interact with a medium that appeals to young children. This is very important for Alexandre who has language delay and difficulty in communicating.

    • A colorful world
    • No text
    • Funny puzzles

  • The rebirth of Glitch

    Chat au trésor was entirely created using the graphic library of the game Glitch, whose elements were given freely for this project.

    Having no skills in graphics or animation, a huge thank you to Glitch and Tiny Speck for these sources, without which it would not have been possible to create Chat au Trésor.


Fun - Little Kitty is looking for the eight keys of the treasure chest.


Cute - Little Kitty goes on an adventure in an all soft colourful world.


With friends - Little Kitty loves when he makes new discoveries with his friends.

Chat au Trésor, a special project

Working with video games from home, I introduced Alexandre very early, probably too early, to this medium. I wanted to use this early introduction as a strength, not a weakness . It was while I was explaining to him what video games are about that the idea came to me to create one.

This has proved very positive, Alexandre is now very comfortable with computer tools and we are both able to share our common passion together. As a result his communication skills have greatly improved. This was also a way to show the many positive apects of video games just waiting to be explored.

This game was first created for Alexandre, but why let it sit on my computer when it can be shared for the benefit of others. So here we are... Hoping that our idea, will bring enjoyment to other moms and their children.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact me or just follow me on social media.

iconColourful graphics

Little Kitty explores magical worlds where magic operates.

icon8 mini-games

To recover the keys, Little Kitty has to solve eight mini-games.

iconSimple objectives

Without quests to read, it's easy to understand how to help Little Kitty.

Game Design

An energetic little boy who loves ballads in the forest, Alexandre is in his final year in preschool. His favorite games are Disney Infinity and LEGO. Whether it's virtual or real!


Charlotte is Project Manager at ModSquad. After studying web development, and playing since childhood, her ambition has been to create her own video game.